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A good balance between life and poker is needed

Professional players are exceptionally good at online gaming, but they can not avoid making mistakes. As a general rule, the disadvantages of playing online are often linked to professional players.

Even when playing from home is extraordinary, when you take a long period of time as a professional you can realize that you can not do this in weeks (of course you go, but in less time).

– It is really difficult to meet people and maintain a social life if you never leave your house except on rare occasions.

If you have an established group of friends and even a relationship it is much easier to combine poker and real life, but if instead you are in a new city and you have never been a person with many friends, it would be extremely difficult to get them if you spend in Home in front of the computer most of the time.

– It is essential to be able to combine real life with your activity as a poker professional.

Phil Galfond always talks about this. If only poker is your life, you must transform this into a variant of a poker game, in this way you will increase your social life. If poker is all you have, you can only see your life in profits and losses, forgetting that there are other wonderful things that happen in your life, this would be a big mistake, so despite being a professional you can not lock yourself in Home as it would make everything more difficult and your mood would depend only on poker.

– Another negative aspect is that playing online has become in recent years more and more difficult since the average level has increased exponentially.

This is the biggest disadvantage of playing online. If you are able to get a level of play that allows you to win at € 1 / € 2 tables online, you could probably win at real casinos at € 10 / € 20 tables.

Due to the nature of poker, online players take it much more seriously. They study the game, they play and they do it to win using all the necessary tools.

Playing live: Advantages


If you play live it will not seem like you’re working

Playing live also has its benefits and we will see them below. Live poker is for many of the players, in addition to a game, a social activity. People enjoy going to a casino during the day or night, playing poker and enjoying themselves with other people.

These people know how to play poker and will probably win their friends in private matches, but they are not pokerstars.

In summary:

– The social aspect of live poker makes games much easier than the same online levels.

There is a high percentage of people who play in casinos just to enjoy, this you should not forget. While online play can be really aggressive, live matches are much quieter. It is much easier to play to earn money live than online.

The social atmosphere makes players relatively weak on a regular basis, so you would benefit in another way:

– With a good group of normal players, apparently it will not cost you to beat them and it does not seem like you are “working”.

You can play poker, talk about sports and share stories like you are in a bar or disco and not fulfilling your work day.


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