Playing live: Disadvantages

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The atmosphere of the casinos is not always the best

Playing live poker has obvious disadvantages, the first and most important things:

– You play a lot of hands per hour than if you did online, if you do more, the number of hands online is exponentially greater.

The live game is much slower. This makes the number of hands per hour very low and therefore your earnings are also low.

The waiting period is also time you invest in the casino, so it influences hourly earnings. You do not win money if you are waiting to start a game or sitting at a table with low bets waiting for you to start playing in another with higher bets.

This happens on many occasions in the casinos poker rooms as there may not be enough people to find the table you are looking for, which is not happening online.

In addition to everything said you have to add the following:

– You spend a lot of time in an unhealthy environment.

The casinos are noisy places, the air conditioning or air conditioner is constantly running, the chairs are not as comfortable as they could be and there is not much choice of quality food, even this may shine by their absence.

It is very easy to fall into the routine of eating poor quality food, having bad posture and having an unhealthy life in general if you play in a live casino.

 All up to you

The ultimate decision to play online or at a live casino depends on you, where you feel most comfortable playing and also what type of game can offer you greater benefits. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so you must choose which is best for you and which offers you more chances to meet your goals.

Having a stable social life is the most important factor when playing poker to live. Getting into a solitary routine can be a big mistake. You must combine poker with social life, with good health and having relationships.

Both options may be the best, you just have to know which one is best for you, without comparing with the rest of the people since the best option for one person may be the worst for another.

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