PokerStars: New Changes To Your Rewards Program

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PokerStars has again taken a new turn in search of more recreational players and giving a little more side to high professional gamblers.

PokerStars again takes a turn for its rewards program, and does so by putting an eye on recreational players.

The company already announced that they design a new program for the month of September, but Severin Rasset , PokerStars’ Director of Poker Operations, detailed some of the changes that are coming.

The main focus of the new rewards program will be a change based on the volume.

PokerStars has already incorporated some of these changes focused on the most recreational player, with the change in their VIP program, but there will be news as reported by Rasset.

Along with Casino and Gambling

The new rewards program will work seamlessly with the three brands PokerStars as in Poker, Casino and Sportsbetting.

This means that Casino players will be able to use the Star Coins they have accumulated in poker and vice versa. On the other hand, the rewards program based on the monthly volume of play, made famous by the Elite SuperNova category.

Most players in the room will not be affected by the changes, but players who play large numbers of games may see their rewards reduced by 80-85% ( based on the well-known Rakeback ).

In the meantime, the new program will still reward players for the volume, although there will be other factors to take into account for this, including betting, how often you play and net deposits.

The new system will also incorporate a “Gamification” of the game , with rewards for small achievements, although these details have yet to be polished by the room.

In addition, the new Loyalty Program will feature random prizes at various points. Random rewards are often small, but there will also be large rewards, similar to what happens with Spin & Go.

Details of the company’s new loyalty program will be released over the next few months, with plans to install it first in Denmark, in May, and then in the rest of the world in the summer.

Here you can see the reaction of Zeros in his new video after knowing the announcement of PokerStars


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