Should I Become a Professional? : Online Vs Live

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One of the most important decisions of the players when they decide to become professionals is if they are going to play, preferably, online or live.

When thinking about becoming a poker professional there are several aspects that must be taken into account, being one of the most important if you play in front of the computer or do it in physical casinos, both decisions having their pros and cons that we are going to see in this article Of strategy. Even if you already have your decision made, you should see the positive and negative aspects of each of these options.

 Play Online: Benefits

Playing online has a number of really great benefits when compared to playing live. In addition to taking into account the obvious aspects like being at home eating your own food, playing online offers a number of benefits that you can not get them when playing live:

– Select your favorite table among a multitude of offers from many different rooms.

– Choose the game that best suits you and the hours you want.

– Change betting amounts almost instantaneously.

 Pro Quantity

If the games in which you are and the amounts of bets are going wrong or you are in a little buoyant period, you can lower the type of bets in seconds and continue to play.

– Although the best advantage of playing online is the possibility of playing multi-table, at several tables at the same time, a fact that increases the number of hands played in a same period of time.

Not only do you increase the number of hands played per hour at each table, an advantage over the actual game, but you can also play at the same time on as many tables as you feel comfortable.

While playing in a live game of 5 € / 10 € if you can be doing it simultaneously online at eight tables of 2 € / 4 €? The advantages of a solid and effective game are seen when doing online much faster, so that in the same period of time the online winnings would be much greater.

– Another great advantage of playing online are the poker bonuses that are usually offered by the different online poker rooms as well as rakeback.

This can increase your monthly earnings dramatically and can not be ignored. There are some sites like PokerStars that do not offer rakeback, but their loyalty program consists, via bonuses, in pretty much the same thing.

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